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Reuniting with the Sea in Siargo, Philippines

Sidra Triangle Top & Adia Everyday Bottom All Photos by @camillerdp

On Siargo Island there has always been & always will be an undeniable connection between the people and the sea. Years & years ago it was rare, even taboo to see a woman in the water.

Thankfully now that has all dramatically changed. This story is a celebration of the local Sisstrs emerging surf scene happening & alive as generations of women have become reunited with their sea.

Make Me Wonder Romper I

Ikit Surfing

Moon Beamin

Philippines Palms

Aping, Ikit & Friends

Corah Bralette & Adia Everyday Bottom

Make Me Wonder Romper II

Kaelin One Piece

Siargo, Philippines

We are a band of Sisstrs; swell followers and adventure seekers united by our obsession with the sea. She guides our travels, influences our creative and promises us the ride of our life. We take what she gives in gratitude and give back to sustain her future.

Welcome to your Sisstrevolution

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